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Frequently Asked Questions About GM Extended Protection Plans

Q: How can I have the GM Extended Protection Plan included in my vehicle loan payments?

A: Ask your bank or credit union representative to include this policy into your loan repayment schedule. Give them your price and a copy of your GMEPP Contract if necessary. Insist on Genuine GM Protection Plan coverage and refuse any non-GM extended protection plan aftermarket programs!

Q: When will I receive my GM Extended Protection Plan in the mail?

A: You will receive your contract approximately 30 days from the receipt and processing of payment via credit card, check, or money order.

Q: Where do I go for repairs with my GMEPP (Formerly GMPP)?

A: Repairs can be handled conveniently through any GM dealership or licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

Q: How do I receive rental car assistance with my GMEPP (Formerly GMPP)?

A: The GM Extended Protection Plan will pay the cost to rent a replacement vehicle or pay for public transportation while your car is being serviced. The limit is 40 dollars per day and a maximum of $175 per visit if the vehicle is accepted for repairs or services covered by the GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) Platinum contract. The total dollar limit per vehicle will be increased to a maximum of $280 if the repairs are delayed due to a parts delay.

Q: How do I receive Roadside Assistance with my GMEPP (Formerly GMPP)?

A: The motor club of the GM Extended Protection Plan provides roadside assistance. Customer service includes a toll free number to call 24 hours a day from anywhere in the United States for:

  • Flat tire change
  • Towing
  • Battery jump
  • Locksmith/Key service*
  • Out-of-gas fuel delivery

*Locksmith / Key service not available in Kansas.

Authorization for emergency roadside assistance is available for any disablement of the vehicle with reimbursement up to $150 for the assistance services.

Q: What if I sell my vehicle before the GM Extended Protection Plan expires?

A: Your GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) contract can be transferred to the new owner upon sale of the vehicle or the remainder of the contract can be cancelled and a prorated refund will be given to you. An administrative fee may apply. If you already own a GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) and have questions concerning claims or cancellations, please call the GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) help desk at 1-866-495-6123.


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Underwritten by AMT and endorsed by General Motors, GMEPP is the one and only General Motors extended warranty/vehicle
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