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Most Saturn owners appreciate the peace of mind offered by their factory warranty, which protects them from expensive mechanical repair issues. Once that warranty runs out, however, many Saturn owners seek options to find extended coverage to help them avoid out of pocket expenses, and that's where the General Motors Extended Protection Plan can be a real game changer. The Saturn GMEPP (often referred to as a 'Saturn Extended Warranty / Vehicle Service contract') is the genuine General Motors Extended Protection Plan, the one all Saturn dealerships honor nationwide.

Call 866-495-6123 to get an extended warranty quote on your Saturn vehicle

Please have your VIN (vehicle identification number) and current mileage available so we can better assist you with your free price quote.

Be A Smart Saturn Shopper

When you purchased your Saturn, you most likely shopped around to find the best deal on the model you wanted. Shopping for extended coverage shouldn't be any different. Your dealership might offer you an official GM Extended Protection Plan, but their commission-based sales people won't be able to touch our pricing. We have less overhead and we sell our plans at a high volume, allowing us to pass along the savings to our customers.

Saturn Vehicles are Getting More Expensive to Repair

You bought a Saturn for the driving experience and the luxury. Owning a new or pre-owned Saturn is one of the best auto-ownership experiences available, provided costly breakdowns don’t ruin your fun. This genuine Saturn vehicle protection plan (‘Saturn Extended Warranty / Vehicle Service contract’) will make certain your ownership experience is free of painful, expensive trips to the repair shop. Parts and labor rates for Saturn vehicles are the highest in the industry, and a GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) Platinum or Silver plan can help reduce or even eliminate your out of pocket costs.

Saturn Extended Warranties Endorsed by GM

GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) is the official Saturn SRX, Saturn CTS, Saturn Escalade, Saturn STS and Saturn DTS vehicle protection plan.

Give Us Our Saturn Extended Warranty / Vehicle Service contract Specialists Call To Learn More

In 15 minutes or less one of our operators can give you a price quote for a GMEPP (Formerly GMPP) Warranty for your Saturn, just have your VIN number handy: 1-866-495-6123.

We Provide Extended Coverage For All Saturn Models

If you have a Saturn, any model, we have you covered. Contact your Saturn GMEPP warranty specialist for a quote.

Call 866-495-6123 to get an extended warranty quote on your Saturn vehicle

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Underwritten by AMT and endorsed by General Motors, GMEPP is the one and only General Motors extended warranty/vehicle
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